Arena Hostel Hamburg

Room Sunday to Thursday Friday and Saturday
Double Room – Shower/WC/Balcony from € 60 per room from € 70 per room
Double Room – Shower/WC from € 50 per room from € 60 per room
4 Bed Room – Shower/WC from € 92 per room from € 110 per room
4 Bed Room – Shared bathroom from € 20 per guest from € 24 per guest
6 Bed Room – Shower/WC/Girls Room from € 20 per guest from € 24 per guest
6 Bed Room – Shower/WC from € 19 per guest from € 23 per guest
6 Bed Room – Shared bathroom from € 18 per guest from € 21 per guest

All Prices per Night / without Breakfast! Prices for traveling fitters on request!

Paid Services
Duvet cover 3.00 € one-off fee p.P. – Pillowcase and Duvet Cover
The Linen/Sheet comes free from the house
Towel rental: 2.00 € Big Shower Towel
Laundry service: 6.00 € One Maschine washing and drying (7Kg)
Electric Iron rental: 2.00 € incl. Ironing Board (8.00 € deposit money)
Hair Dryer rental: 2.00 € (8.00 € deposit money)


All prices include. 7% VAT. For all private stopovers City tax is calculated. This varies depending on number of guests and the total net amount of your booking. EUR 50 the total net amount of the booking will incur a fee of EUR 1.07 per person per night.

Arena Hostel Hamburg

Payment is made at short notice bookings locally in cash.
When booking in the future payment is made in two parts: The 25% deposit via bank transfer or paypal (4 weeks before arrive) and the rest locally in cash. You also receive all the necessary information after booking via e-mail from us.

We accept cash, credit cards of VISA and MASTER or the Girocard, also payments via paypal are possible!
Breakfast is NOT available! A separate breakfast-restaurant is located right next door and is opened from Monday – Friday 5.00am – 1.30pm (LINK)

We charge higher rates during trade fairs, concerts in the arenas und major events (see list).

Datum Ort Veranstaltung
14.12.2018 BC-Arena PUR
23.12.2018 BC-Arena Handball HSV vs. TUSEM Essen
27.12.2018 BC-Arena Bibi Blocksberg
29.12.2018 BC-Arena Frei.Wild X-Mas Tour 2018
05.01.19-06.01.19 BC-Arena Cavalluna
10.01.2019 BC-Arena Ehrlich Brothers
11.01.2019 BC-Arena Dieter Nuhr
12.01.2019 BC-Arena Feuerwerk der Turnkunst
13.01.2019 BC-Arena Star Wars in Concert
14.01.2019 BC-Arena Die Fantastischen Vier
15.01.2019 BC-Arena Snow Patrol
18.01.2019 BC-Arena Mario Barth
19.01.2019 BC-Arena Night of Freestyle
25.01.2019 BC-Arena IHF Handball-WM der Männer
01.02.19-03.02.19 BC-Arena Dinosaurier
07.02.19-10.02.19 BC-Arena Holiday on Ice
12.02.2019 BC-Arena Twenty One Pilots
13.02.2019 BC-Arena Disney in Concert
14.02.2019 BC-Arena Distant Worlds
15.02.2019 BC-Arena Hamburg Tattoo
17.02.2019 BC-Arena Ozzy Osbourne
22.02.2019 BC-Arena Ralf Schmitz
24.02.2019 BC-Arena Unser blauer Planet II
27.02.2019 BC-Arena Post Malone
28.02.2019 BC-Arena André Rieu
01.03.2019 BC-Arena Bonez MC & RAF Camora
02.03.2019 BC-Arena Roland Kaiser
03.03.2019 BC-Arena The Australian Pink Floyd Show
09.03.2019 BC-Arena Florence and the Machine
14.03.2019 BC-Arena Caroline Kebekus
16.03.2019 BC-Arena Revolverheld
17.03.2019 BC-Arena The BossHoss
24.03.19-25.03.19 BC-Arena Herbert Grönemeyer
29.03.2019 BC-Arena Mark Forster
30.03.2019 BC-Arena Die Schlagernacht des Jahres
06.04.19-07.04.19 BC-Arena REWE Final Four 2019
13.04.19-14.04.19 BC-Arena Apassionata
26.04.2019 BC-Arena Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen
27.04.19-28.04.19 BC-Arena Luke Mockridge
03.05.2019 BC-Arena The Offical Tribute to James Last
04.05.2019 BC-Arena Chris Tall (Und jetzt ist Papa dran!)
08.05.2019 BC-Arena Michael Mittermeier
09.05.2019 BC-Arena Ehrlich Brothers
11.05.2019 BC-Arena George Ezra
12.05.2019 BC-Arena Joe Bonamassa
17.05.2019 BC-Arena DJ Bobo
24.05.2019 BC-Arena Schiller
25.05.2019 BC-Arena David Garrett
06.06.19-09.06.19 BC-Arena betaway DARTS WM
15.06.2019 BC-Arena 6K United
20.06.19-22.06.19 BC-Arena Udo Lindenberg
08.07.2019 VP-Stadion PINK!
22.08.2019 BC-Arena Sasha Grammel
15.09.2019 BC-Arena Alvaro Soler
05.11.2019 BC-Arena Vanessa Mai
09.11.2019 BC-Arena Ben Zucker
10.11.2019 BC-Arena Chris de Burgh
17.01.2020 BC-Arena Andrea Berg
29.02.2020 BC-Arena Martin Rütter