House Rules

The House Rules regulate the social life of all guests of Arena Hostel Hamburg. The rights and duties laid down in these House Rules apply to all guests. Without a certain kind of rules and order the social coexistence of several persons under one single roof is impossible. Everyone only feels fine if all guests are considerate towards each other. Please feel free to ask us personal questions. We are happy to be at your service!

Every guest is required to avoid any kind of noise in the hostel and on the premises. The quiet time for sleeping is from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. This includes turning down the radios, tv sets and other electrical applicances to a moderate volume.

Every guest shall take good care of the rented property and see to it that the other fellow travellers also observe the tenancy requirements.

It is forbidden to smoke in our building. If you breake this rule and smoke in the room or in the Hostel, you must pay 75 € for basic cleaning. If a fire alarm will be triggered by smoking and the fire department has to come, you must pay amount of 1,350 €!

Also deliberate sabotage of the fire alarm system, for example, by unscrewing the smoke alarm or trigger the alarm by blowing gases are calculated with costs of EUR 1350 to the guest!

Please inform us immediately if you should notice any kind of damage.

The guest is liable for damages he has caused. Damaged, lost (such as keys, towels, etc.) or destroyed inventory will be invoiced at replacement value. An extra fee will be charged for heavy soiling and littering.

Arena Hostel Hamburg cannot accept responsibility for losses of valuables or wardrobe due to theft or damage. For lost Room Key´s you have to pay 50 Euro directly to the staff.

Bedrooms must be vacated before 11 a.m. and keys must be returned upon check-out.

New arrivals can check into the hostel after 2 p.m. at the day of arrival.

Room keys must not be given to any outsider.

People who do not stay at the hostel are not allowed to enter the rooms.

Make sure that you take along your personal belongings when you leave the kitchen or bathroom and keep the rooms clean and tidy.

Lost items can be forwarded via DHL package, the processing fee If 20 Euro payment in advance.

Members of Arena Hostel Hamburg are allowed to enter the bedrooms at all times.

Due to hygienic reasons, pets are not allowed in the hostel regardless of the species and the size.

We are at your service from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. In case of emergency you can reach us at +49-(0)160-6649935.